Rosie's Organic Farm - Gainesville - Alachua County - Florida

The Plowshares Farmer

Rosie Koenig
Rose Koenig, of Rosie's Organic Farm, learned farming first hand in the sandy soils of New Jersey on her Dad's farm. She and her husband, Tom Mirti, have been certified organic growers on their 10 acre farm in west Gainesville since 1993. Rose has been active in starting and serving on the boards of several local farmer's markets.

Plowshares CSA Community Board
Plowshares CSA is coordinated by a group of community members and Rose Koenig, the CSA farmer. The core group meets irregularly to facilitate the CSA. Current members are:
Bryan Nackashi, Rose Koenig

Plowshares CSA is in hiatus for the time being. Call Rose at 352.331.1804 for more information. You can also contact her at

Tom Mirti
Tom and a CSA volunteer work on spreading the compost before a spring planting.