Rosie's Organic Farm - Gainesville - Alachua County - Florida

Roma TomatoesA CSA is a community of people coming together to support a local farmer in producing food for their table. This alliance reunites farmers and consumers in an age-old tradition whereby communities come together around the planting, tending, harvesting and eating of their food. In addition, it assures the farmer a prepaid local market for the crop while providing community members informed choices about their food.

About Community Supported Agriculture
Community supported agriculture is an international movement that is providing people with an alternative to the global food system. Many hundreds of CSAs have formed in the USA alone since 1985. The movement arose as a local and human scale response to the worldwide damage to farmers, farm communities, and the environment which has occurred with large scale conventional agriculture. Small farmers everywhere are faced with leaving the land because of low food prices. The movement seeks to restore direct contact between farmers and consumers.

How Does Plowshares CSA work?
A core group of interested members meets monthly with our farmer, Rose Koenig, to plan for the growing season. The core group takes on important tasks such as publicity, recruiting new members and maintaining accounts, thus helping free Rose to focus on growing. Although not required of members, regular volunteer help on the farm or at the market makes the CSA function smoothly and connects those volunteers more closely to production of their own food. Workdays and on- farm events also provide ways for members to experience the farm.

Why Buy Local Certified Organic Produce?
Most of us have little information about the process of growing and harvesting our food. Certified organic growers must meet environmentally safe standards in their growing practices. This gives concerned consumers assurance that their food is fresh and safe. Organic CSAs offer an alternative food system which promotes environmental, personal and community health and assures members that their food dollars stay in their own community.